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"There are so many reasons to buy vinyl from HiFi Gallery:

1) Gordon is a vinyl obsessive like me, he is a fountain of knowledge and he delights in sourcing top quality records from around the world.

2) In the past two years I have visited record shops in London, Amsterdam and New Zealand and I can confidently say that HiFi Gallery is up with the best in the world for jazz, rock and pop vinyl. In fact it is better than any other shop I have entered for my tastes in music.

3) Every second hand record HiFi Gallery sells is in great condition.

4) What a fabulous and varied range of new vinyl and top quality audiophile pressings. Gordon is prepared to import pressings simply because they interest him, there is some quite eclectic music on the shelves.

5) The website - what can I say? It is up to date and totally reliable for both new and second hand records. A great resource to browse through before going to the shop. And when you do go to the shop what a joy it is to find everything catalogued according to genre and alphabetically - even the second hand section. And while you are browsing they make a mean cup of coffee there.....

6) Finally, there is always new stuff coming in to tempt the vinyl addict. This is not a shop which has the same old stuff sitting around for years."

Tim W

"A passion for vinyl and sound, and a genuine desire to provide a good service makes buying vinyl from Gordon at "Just for the Record" a really pleasurable experience - not just a purchase. You get advice, information, and your vinyl records all wrapped up with friendly service. Absolutely first-class!"
Kind Regards,

"Great service and products at reasonable prices. Called and actually got to speak to an individual. The whole order process went very well and the items shipped very quickly. Very happy with the transaction and will be giving them some more of my business."

"Great service, arrived very well packaged super quick and just as described. Nice and clean records. Sound great.

"Just for the record, fast contact, great service really nice packaging, prompt delivery, Will purchase again."

"Grouse ! ! ! That's what I say about this place. The best vinyl in the bay. There's not one LP that this guy Gordon can't track down and get information about. I've been trying to catch him out with obscure band names for ages now but alas to no avail, he finds them everytime. If he don't find em they ain't available. I should know, I've added an extra 80 or so to my vinyl in the last 7 months - and that's thanks only to Gordon. Where else can you sit back, have a great coffee and a chat about your sounds. Good buzz alright.
If you need to revitalize your LPs they have an amazing vinyl cleaner and man does it work a treat. It really brings back the vocals too, make an old LP play another 20 years. There's nothing these folks don't know.
Rock on, get more vinyl!"

Vinyl lover Tony

"Great to see such a large range of records. Excellent packaging, service and superb quality."

"Thanks Gordon for the tremendous effort you've put in to sourcing LPs for me. I feel lucky to finally have such nice copies of these titles. More than that, it is truly a pleasure to experience the great service you provide. I appreciate the phone calls, the fast delivery, the conversations, and the information and advice you offer regarding collecting vinyl. Your passion for vinyl records and sound, and your genuine desire to provide a good service add up to a first-class vinyl collecting experience - more than simply a shop-customer experience. Simply put, it's great dealing with you."

"Got home last night, unpacked the vinyl purchased from you, ran it through the Okki Nokki cleaner, and then hit vinyl nirvana! Had a fabulous night listening to great vinyl until my wife told me to turn it off and come to bed. Great recommendationsthank you. All the Mo Fi master recordings are just sensational."

Mike D

"Gordon and his staff are pure awesome. I always get top service and excellent advice. I now only buy off Gordon believe me, you only get the best from Just for the Record!"

Patrick Music ChCh.

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